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Restorative Practice is the dreamiest and most relaxing class I’ve ever done. A real self-care treat that I want to come back to again and again. Clare is wonderful and has taught me so much about the restorative power of yoga and the value of allowing myself to take time to be still and calm. After this class I always feel less anxious, I sleep better and wake up feeling refreshed. Thank you so much! - Kate

This class is the perfect treat for a Monday evening! Clare's soothing voice guides you through restorative poses bringing the awareness back to the body and the breath... just what I need! - Federica

I really really love the writing and relaxation practice, the space you hold for me just to write what is prompted from your lovely and well thought out questions is just wonderful! My favourite bit is the meditation at the end, such a great way to end the weekend. It was good to reflect back on the last session and see how much things had shifted for me, thanks again for this space! - Laura

I attended Clare's writing workshop last month and will be doing so again. It was such a safe space for me to pour my thoughts out onto paper, while being gently guided along by Clare, with meditation to help focus the mind. Such a lovely slice of self care. - Lisa

The day I joined this workshop I had so much weighing down, all I wanted to do was drink wine and cry - this workshop really did save me that day! - Diana

This session was unlike anything I’ve tried before! I got a lot of “automatic” writing out of it. I particularly enjoyed the guided visualisation and it will be something I really hope to build upon. - Lorna

A lovely session, I felt so soothed and relaxed! - Aimee

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