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Towards Contemplative Practice: Putting Words Down

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

Towards Contemplative Practice: Putting Words Down

27th September

8pm - 9.30pm

Writing. It's often where my creative practice starts. It's how I make sense of what's going on around me and can be a powerful tool for action and change.

This workshop is about utilising a skill. A skill we learned as a child and quite simply, putting pen to paper and permitting the subconscious to roam.

Putting Words Down is about tapping into those unique and wondrous gifts that you and only you hold within yourself. We will quieten the mind and explore a contemplative approach to our work. Perhaps you are starting a creative project. Perhaps you are working towards small lifestyle changes. Perhaps you are exactly where you need to be and your work is to seek a deeper connection with all that already is. Or, maybe you are sitting with something that feels a little bit uncomfortable and unsure of what comes next...

All of this is valid.

Everything you need to know you already hold inside of you…

The internet is full of people promising a better you in 6 weeks. I remind myself everyday, to keep to my path, find stillness amongst the noise and have learned the best projects take time, effort, discipline and often, ongoing support.

"Do you have the patience to wait

Till your mud settles and the water is clear? Can you remain unmoving

Till the right action arises by itself?"

Lao tzu

Writing is a commitment to yourself. Putting Words Down takes the slow road, exploring and planting the proverbial seed and taking the time to watch it grow.

Every six weeks we will come together and through a series of guided writing practices, turn our attention inwards. This is dedicated *you* time to develop your intuition and allow yourself to be guided gently along your path. We will note our achievements no matter how small. We will note our obstacles and explore contemplative practice; valuing process over 'end goals' and write to uncover ourselves.

“Attach your unconscious mind to your writing arm.”

I'm not promising quick fixes but a committed and supported space to consider some of these approaches over an extended period of time. You don't need an English Literature degree to give yourself permission to write. Writing is a restorative practice available to all. It is about making time for your soul, doing something mindfully just like reading, cooking, making things, connecting with another human being, walking through trees, connecting to the landscape or growing a sunflower… Writing, is simply about finding stillness and developing an ability to listen to your own voice.

This is a practice for a lifetime. Writing, telling stories is how we define ourselves…

In 2018 I spent time on the west coast of Scotland on Holy Isle where I met and explored the contemplative arts with Miriam Hall, her work has inspired me endlessly. I hold a Masters in Art from Edinburgh University and bring with me 300 hours of restorative training and teachings. My own work is concerned with self-reflexive memoir, developed during my time at Hospitalfields artist residency in Arbroath. The research for which, underpins much of what I bring to you today as my work moves towards a somatic, person centered experience; the roots of which are grounded in the slow art movement.

If you already have a writing practice I welcome you wholeheartedly, if it's not something you've explored before - this is a very exciting place to start. No experience is necessary. I take an intersectional and open approach to my work and am here to hold space for you; a safe place to simply begin - which I know can be half the battle.

We will write to uncover ourselves.

Towards Contemplative Practice: Putting Words Down.

Sign up here and treat yourself to the clean pages of a fresh new notebook. Pease know you will never be asked to share your writing. This is for you and you only you.

Clare x

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