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Write An Essay On My Favourite Subject English

English is My favourite Subject: English is my favourite subject as it is exciting and pleasant to study. This subject has a vast collection of exciting and thrilling stories and poems based on fiction and real-life events. It.

  • Very few subjects can boast the depth, veracity and breadth of topics aside from my favourite subject, English. I love this subject because despite being the youngest subject in comparison to the literature of other languages it still offers a diverse range of emotions, themes, morals, values and passion which is unexpected.

  • So let’s see how to write the essay “My favorite subject”! My Favorite Subject – Science Science is my favorite subject. We are taught a total of six subjects in school but science is my favorite subject. Language subjects.

  • My favourite subject changed a lot, depending on the teacher. This is because a teacher with lots of enthusiasm and knowledge about their field can encourage me to enjoy a topic much more. Nevertheless, English has always.


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